Color Correction

As a full service video production provider, we help our clients with each stage of the production process, whether we shot the original footage or come into the project during post-production.

One of the post-production services that we offer is color correction. Whether preparing a project for broadcast, adding a specific color style, or simply correcting an under exposed interview we offer both primary and secondary color correction services for all types of video formats.

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Wedding and Event Videography Service

Wedding Videography

AV Consults holds an experience of more than 10 ten years in the field of wedding videography. We have filmed the wedding ceremonies of almost all the ethnic groups of Nepal and the neighbouring countries. This simply proves that we are the one to be trusted in the field of wedding videography. It is not only the filming of the wedding occasions that has made us well renowned in the field of occasional videography, but it is the post production of those occasions that adds flavour to the occasions that we film and make those occasions among the memorable events of your life.

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Komal Chandra Bhagat

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