Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus, Chitwan

Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus (SSMC) established in 2037 B.S. in the eastern part of Chitwan district, is a committed and dynamic educational institution, providing quality courses in a serene academic environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their studies. Qualitative teaching, public interest, outstanding, well-equipped facilities and academic support and students' satisfaction are the central tenets of the educational system of the campus. SSMC has been running MED program in Health Education.

Kalika Sanskrit Vidhyapeeth

Sanskrit is undoubtedly one of the important languages in the world for any reasons.Being the origin of various languages of the world, linguists claim it to be the ancient and supreme in relation to art, culture, philosophy and science that yields for the multidimensional betterment of human beings. It is found that almost health-related books on the basis of medicinal researches were first written and explained by eastern philosophy in Vedic period and the high yielding Vedic Health Science is taken to be its significant achievement.


Komal Chandra Bhagat

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