International Labor Organization (ILO)

International Labor Organization (ILO) is an international non-governmental organization (INGO) in Nepal that works in the favour of the working population of the nation and the world. It has its sharp investigation on the working hours of the workers, the wages that they receive and the overall facilities that the workers get from their masters. This organization is dedicated to make an international constitution regarding the working hours for the workers, and the number of leaves that they should get including all other facilities and the negotiable wages.

Blood Bank - Red Cross Society Bharatpur (RCS)

Red Cross Society (RCS) Nepal is an institution in Nepal and abroad that has its significant contribution in the medical and sanitation programs all over the world. Blood Bank of RCS is one of the world's largest blood storage institutions and is well dedicated in the collection and donation of the blood. It provides several other medical as well as sanitation services like ambulance services, several aid programs to the medically affected population including first-aid to the people suffered from so many diseases.


Komal Chandra Bhagat

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