Drinking Water and Sanitation Program, Kalaiya Municipality

Kalaiya Municipality is the only municipality in Bara Districy. Located in the central terai region of the country, it is well-known for its agricultural productivity. This municipality generally suffers for the water-borne as well as ill-sanitational diseases. With the same in mind, the municipality is to lauch a strict program for the pure drinking water as well as sanitational program. Evergreen Films has been appointed as the audio-visual consultant for the promotion of the entire program by the means of a video documentary film.

Ratnanagar Municipality

Ratnanagar Municipality is one of the two mucnicipalities in the district of Chitwan, Bharatpur Municipality being the other. Ratnanagar Municipality is well-devoted in the developmental as well as constructional works for the welfare of the citizens. In order to raise the cultural as well as financial status of the Ratnanagar residents, this municipality organized Ratnanagar Mahotsav. The committee of the Mahotsav appointed Evergreen Films for the production of the documentary film on the Mahotsav. We have been able to cover the entire cultural, financial and all other activities of the successful Mahotsav.


Komal Chandra Bhagat

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