Langtang National Park

It was established in 1976 to conserve the unique flora and fauna of the region. It is the nearest national park of the capital Kathmandu in the Central Himalayan Region. The 1710 sq. km. of the park extends over parts of Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchok districts in the southern mountainous terrain of the Nepal-China (Tibet) border. In 1998 an areas of 420 km2 in and around the park declare as a buffer zone. The park represents a meeting point between indo-Malayan and Palearctic realms, and holds a rich biodiversity.

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Bharatpur Water Supply Management Board

Bharatpur Water Supply Management Board (BWSMB) is a public statutory entity, which as the asset owner of the Water Supply Systems within the Bharatpur Municipality. Government of Nepal (GON) has formed the Board on Bhadra 31, 2064 as per “Water supply Management Board Act 2063” on recommendation of Bharatpur Municipality. It is an autonomous and corporate body with perpetual succession. The Board shall

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Komal Chandra Bhagat

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